About us

el foly Group was founded in 1996. it operates locally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio...

hospitality, entertainment, technology, mass media industries, and veterinary medicines and poultry production. The group employs more than 1,100 people a passionate and highly diverse team united by a strong company culture, a common purpose to create a sustainable body, and shared values.

since el foly Group was founded in 1996, the folys have shown their continued commitment to the company, enabling us to operate with a long-term perspective. We shape our future with a strong entrepreneurial spirit based on our proud family business tradition. Guided by our values, we pursue a long-term vision for our company. Together, with our solid financial basis, this shapes the foundation where we build successful future generations.

Historical milestones and a variety of achievements portray our company’s journey ; AAfrom a small business selling one product to several small projects in one year, to the local player we are today. Throughout these years, we have witnessed many first-time product launches, a steady flow of inno- vations, and continuous expansions through organic growth and acquisitions. During this time, the folys and hundreds of employees have contributed to the group’s success.

Consequently, we have prosperously combined between the family business advantages (stability -flexibility - quick decision making – commitment- decreased cost and long term focus), and the corporate form of business advantages (sustainability – strategic planning - structured governance – succession planning- equity- nepo- tism avoidance). With a high quality process, procedures and Kpi systems have been professionally applied and developed all over the company’s sectors. This has contributed to boosting the group’s investment from $ 12,000,000 to $ 16,000,000.