Our Vision

At el foly group, we always look forward to developing and contributing to the life of our egyp- tian society...

• being a leading company that provides the best quality of public services and several products to the communities we serve,
• developing ideal investment opportunities in order to achieve returns and growth to shareholders,
• and to preparing a distinctive educated generation of children by using the latest and most ade- quate and entertaining educational methods. Consequently, we have prosperously combined between the family business advantages (stability -flexibility - quick decision making – commitment- decreased cost and long term focus), and the corporate form of business advantages (sustainability – strategic planning - structured governance – succession planning- equity- nepo- tism avoidance). With a high quality process, procedures and Kpi systems have been professionally applied and developed all over the company’s sectors. This has contributed to boosting the group’s investment from $ 12,000,000 to $ 16,000,000.

This is accomplished through long-term stakeholder value creation based on both leadership and trust.